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關於我們About Us

Sasuke Ninja Park 成立於09/2022,是一間由一群對忍者訓練充滿熱誠及富有訓練經驗的導師成立的室內忍者訓練場。忍者運動源於日本電視節目”Sasuke Challenge”,參加者需要挑戰一系列的關卡。忍者運動旨在透過忍者訓練,鍛煉青少年的體魄及意志。在家長的支持及信任下,公司現已開設多班常規忍者訓練班,推廣忍者訓練,同時協助兒童及青少年透過訓練的過程,發展良好的品格。

Sasuke Ninja Park is founded by a group of passionate ninja coaches who wishes to guide kids and teenagers in becoming more determined and fit. With the support and trust of parents we now have multiple regular ninja training sessions. We are promoting ninja training in Hong Kong in hopes of helping kids and teenagers develop a good character and positive attitude towards life by participating in a our classes.

Our Mission


At Sasuke Ninja Park, our mission is to promote ninja sport to the community, especially to the teenage group. Hoping to nurture them into becoming all round ninja athletes and in turn being physically and mentally healthy.

我們的目標 Objectives

  • 透過循序漸進的體能訓練,建立學生規劃學習過程的能力及掌握學習策略。
  • 透過障礙訓練及比賽,培養學生堅毅態度,幫助學生克服學習上的障礙。
  • Ninja training has a gradual approach to improving fitness level, through coaching students to build discipline and helping them master the right approach to training
  • Helping students build tenacity and the ability to overcome obstacles in learning(as well as in life) through training and participating in competitions

服務內容 Service

  • 設計到校活動 On-site School Events
  • 學校、團體班 School, Association Class
  • 小朋友班(4-12歲) Kids Class
  • 青少年班 (13-17歲)Teenagers Class
  • 成人班(18歲或以上)Adults Class
  • 包班活動、生日會 等 Private Class, Birthday Party
  • 親子班 Parent Child Class

我們的團隊 OUR TEAM