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自由練習時段Open Gym Session

我們Open Gym Session 歡迎大家預約到來大顯身手!
​Open Gym一星期七天全天侯開放,不受天氣影響,不用日曬雨淋!

Freely access to the gym facilities during the open gym session. There are also special offers on our session packages that provide flexibility for you to share the sessions with your family and friends.

開放時間 Opening Hours

星期一至五 Monday to Friday

Session 110:30 – 17:30
Session 218:00 – 21:45

星期六、日 及公眾假期 Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Session 110:15 – 14:00
Session 214:15 – 18:00
Session 318:15 – 22:00